Russia - Germany. View of Paris in 1937.

The world exhibition of arts and technology in Paris in 1937 is memorable to all art lovers by the unspoken duel of the USSR and Germany. Pavilions facing each other, the struggle of facades and architectural forms - all gave the excitement of the competition between the two leading European trendsetters in architecture, design, painting, sculpture.

That battle Germany lost to the nines-despite the open espionage, German intelligence agents extracted Hitler and Speer sketches of the pavilion, to make the German architects could only higher and stricter.

Our pavilion, restored in 2011 in physical size at ENEA, crowned him Mukhina's sculpture. It's authentic. There is not only a German pavilion opposite, but for a man with a rich imagination it is not a problem.

Thanks to the architects of the XXI century everything turned out very dignified and beautiful. Well, the long-standing dispute between the German and Russian art of the 20th century can be considered complete - outdoor lighting pavilion, made in Germany. Lighting engineering is beyond praise. I smiled and remembered the film "Liberation", the episode where the demoniac Fuhrer, shouted at Schreer, at that moment the Reich Minister of industry, and chastised him for his inability to hide the plants under the ground…

Thank God that argument's over. Well, the twenty-FIRST century will soon pass into the third decade. About Parallels with the twentieth century do not want to think. I really hope for the World.