Anatoly Kulakov "of a classic, lived in…»

Anatoly Kulakov. Exhibition in Rybinsk. January 2017.
Anatoly Kulakov. Exhibition in Rybinsk. January 2017.
Writing about the classics of world photography is always nice. You talk about the eternal moment of their creativity, relish the details of their biography, find Parallels with other participants in the process, who lived with him in the same era, and on this "buzz", you're also a participant in this process, as if you become with him in a row, the more so to make a photo like a classic, now

Anatoly Kulakov it is not so. The fact that he is a classic, guessed a very small layer of professionals, among whom, unfortunately, there are no art historians able to assess the scale and contribution to the global photographic process.

Meanwhile, starting to teach in the early 1990s, starting from the legacy of Mogoli Nadia, man-ray, it was on his work that I developed the course "Photography" for students of designers. And here lies the main paradox. For designers fists photographer, and for photographers - designer.

At the opening of the exhibition in Rybinsk, there were many polar opinions. From the "simplicity" of the author, whose work can be comprehended by a younger schoolboy, to disputes about drama and internal conflict in the works. For a second - it's about a still life!


I went from work to work, knowing every corner, and never ceased to be surprised. "Time" continuum, which is completely absent in the photo because of stupidity, once said about the decisive moment, works here! But if in the movie, you are led by the Director, then Kulakov, alone with his work, you watch your movie, which despite the noise present in the gallery because of the discovery, "mixed" and goes by the wayside…


The author of this scale to live closely in the" normal " world, and despite the departure from it, two beautiful daughters, saved for us his work and gave a rare opportunity to once again see the seemingly accessible, but such a closed world Anatoly Kulakov.


The exhibition is held in Rybinsk, in the gallery "Rybinsk photographic society", from January 21, 2017.

Alexey Nazarov