чудо рождения

Miracle of birth.

My grandfathers fought in the infantry since July 1941. Private. The only one left alive and the second died at Tula in may 1942... Such stories in my country millions. We are used to them, and remember less and less. So many years have passed, what to stir? I think I'll take a chance.…


Maslakov Tikhon Ilich, 1906 year of birth, fought on the front from July to December 1941. Under Rye. As I tortured him in childhood, to tell something of the heroic, the grandfather was silent, and when I saw "films about the Germans" crooked smiled, and said only one sentence: "German guy smart and serious" bitterly waved, and walked out.

His battery was put out in the open, and the sniper was German, having fun over the mortars from the heart. Three bullets. The fourth grandfather thought, because lucky. The surgeon laughed, shook the hand of a German, not shot off the sacred.

He was lucky that there was a Nast, on loose snow would not creep out to the with a rifle. Crawled out would without it-shot... in hospitals it "collected" year. The reserve. Nowhere to go. In 1943, the German is still on the eel! Grandmother with two sons in occupation.

After the war, my grandfather was born only girls. Three pieces.) One of them, the oldest, my mother. I put all five of them on their feet.

Nazarov, Peter A., 1906 year of birth. Before the war managed to end University, had three children. Called in July 1941, but in the "case" first time thrown in November 1941. Apparently excelled once given leave for 10 days. After 9 months, my grandmother had a fourth child-my father. Grandfather died even before birth. We found his grave only a few years ago. The funerals were "Tomsk oblast", the clerk made a mistake in the military, who does not happen... "Died of wounds", just one line opposite the names, ranks, addresses wife and children sheet of the Tula hospital…

What are you writing?

The descendants of "private Ryan" frigate brought under Peter. "The sailors urgently loaded ammunition..." I read in the "summary" of the Baltic fleet. I can understand Russian sailors without words. Genetically.

To understand "potential friends"?  In the field of reason there is no explanation, and genetics they have a rather strange. Not passed "unnatural" selection.

Again in the world, as in 1936, "two cowboys". Try forces "in Spain".  I would like to believe that in the 21st century it is not 2 sheep, on the bridge…

Sleep well, my dear grandfathers. I know you're with me at any moment. Your will made it happen. The miracle of my birth. There are tens of millions of such miracles in our country. Well, then be that will, and we will do as you should.

Alexey Nazarov, may 9, 2017