Photo SCHOOL in Obninsk

If I frightened you with such a screensaver-then we are on the way! It only serves as a reminder of our glorious history. Children's Studio was founded in 1980 and since then dozens of boys and girls have grown here. I, too, grew out of this bath, in the photo lurked in the lower right corner.

We work from September to may - the whole academic year. We are engaged of course on digital equipment. We remove, discuss, share experience - all the attributes of the profession are not ignored.

Some of our graduates have graduated from the film Institute and the IPCC work successfully in the specialty. Others chose the profession associated with photography, but I have warm memories of time spent here. There are already children of children who come here as to their home.

Come on Lenin 131  room 211, will be to develop such an amazingly simple yet sophisticated world of photography.