Park "Zaryadie"

Zaryadye Park-a breath of fresh air on the background of "Imperial bacchanalia" happening on the outskirts of the Kremlin. Well, not expected, honestly.

Arrived, and did not go straight - began to get acquainted with the opposite shore - with Sofia and Raushskaya embankments.

Soaring bridge, "trade" embankment, view of the Kremlin - all left a good impression. After crossing the Big Ustyinsky bridge on the opposite Bank, he began to notice the "unfinished". The builders laid the tiles 100 meters before the Park, and "invisible" fence lurked around. Well, thank God-I'm in my country! "Go around, and enter through the checkpoint at the Kremlin-politely stopped my attempt to penetrate the tired policeman. Circumvented. The scope, duty of inspection - all as humans. A company of Riot police does not protrude from the buses. Well, now nothing bad can happen for sure!)

The realities of my home country were over and I found myself in a different world. One could clearly see Norman foster, the fragments of the "Central Park" in new York, even some unknown to me architectural masterpieces. Most of the objects of the Park are inscribed in the landscape and partially buried-a clear reference to the Scandinavian motives of "Park construction"... All this should help viewers to see panoramas that were previously inaccessible to contemplation. The team of Sergey Kuznetsov, the chief architect of Moscow, worked well.

The remains of the Jewish quarter of the NINETEENTH century lost completely in the 60s of the twentieth century, although it appeals to the waterfront, stylized as a commercial pier. Here you can read more about this period…

Fragments of the XVII century churches and chambers of the Romanov boyars intact. The main decoration available now-the sphere-impresses not only with the idea, but also with the implementation. I believe that this is an analogue of the cave, which even in winter will be maintained above-zero temperature, and you can sit on the green grass. And there will be a concert hall, an amphitheatre, and a real salt cave with a year-round temperature of plus 5 degrees.

There is no hint of "Moscow eclecticism" anywhere-I walked around the whole Park, looked from different angles, climbed a hill and went down to the "valleys"- all in harmony. Well just hi-class!

I do not know what works it was worth to fight off the "investors" with whom it would be necessary to share the areas for commercial development, but these 13 hectares at the Kremlin walls are a real gift. Everything. It is impossible to show Russia in miniature. But here it was a success. Fully.

Well, we can only be happy that sometimes the system fails, and we see a beautiful Park, which can envy the largest cities in the world.

Alexey Nazarov, 16-20 September 2017