proekt "fotover"

6th exhibition of the project "Fitover" which presents the work of 22 authors from Obninsk, Kaluga, Maloyaroslavets and Moscow was opened in the Museum of the city of Obninsk.

Opening the exhibition, the Director of the Museum Alina kashcheeva reminded the audience about the deceptive ease and availability of photographic art: "Today, almost every family in our city has a camera, periodically replenishing home photo albums with new pictures. However, for some people photography is not just another "photo for memory", but an opportunity to create, passing through this kind of art your vision of the world. For creative people, the camera is the same art tool as a brush for the artist." 

Indeed, to make a highly artistic picture everyone wants, but it turns out not everyone. "A person who is far from the art of photography, should at least superficially know some of the technical aspects of the process, - says the Chairman of the Kaluga branch of Russian photographers Vitaly Grishakov, - so the novice photographer must first of all be given a lot of time to study the process of photography." 

By the way, on the sixth "Fotoware" presents the works of 22 photo artists of Obninsk, Kaluga, Maloyaroslavets, Moscow, and interest in photo-Biennale at the Obninsk public was serious. Of course, came to the exhibition and the people that nurtured her idea back in 2001 Director of the company "Olympus" - Alexander Hack and photographer Alexey Nazarov, and those who initially stood at the establishment club, "Lantana", and is a constant participants of the exhibition – master of acute social pictures Alexey Hubenko and successful and original experimenter with the color, texture and shape an interesting story. 

However, the genre variety of works on "Fotoware" as always abundant here and still lifes, and landscapes, and posed portraits, and candid photos made in the best traditions of classic photojournalism. But anyway, all these works bear the imprint of the talent of their authors who believe in their own strength. According to one of the founders of the "Fotoware" Vitaly Khlystova, the title of the exhibition comes from the merger of two words – photo and opening day. There was another reading – a photo version. On the opened sixth exhibition one of the visitors deciphered "Fitover" as photo-faith. Belief not only in high photo technologies, but also in talent.

Sergey Korotkov