"Well, what's going on in your city?"asked Yuri. The "city" in its concept, is a different world, about the same as for me the reverse side of the moon.

No, he didn't always live like that. He was the liquidator of the first wave of the Chernobyl accident, took people to the Crimea by bus from Moscow, served as a firefighter. And then he returned to the village, and so he remained. Not remember why.

I'm not talking about terrorist attacks, salaries, and other crap.

In Abramovo time goes differently. Evening and morning milking, hay, which is backed by the lake, wild boars trampled potatoes…

And the most lively theme of the month - "how much do the foxes."

About 20 years ago this topic was opened by visiting poles and since then it is the currency that feeds the neighborhood. Everyone knows "quotes", reception centers operate as true exchanges competing with each other and smahivanija "deliverers" fluctuations "of course." And fluctuations in different places reach up to 40%, so it is not enough to collect, it is also necessary to deliver to the best place.

At the time of chanterelles comes alive trade. Given the debts that we have accumulated for the year and meticulously recorded in a notebook by the seller. Bought clothes and shoes.

Digging in the garden "summer residents" are perceived as nothing in life morons.

And in September, life will freeze, and everything will flow as before.  Until the spring will last on the stocks that dragged from the forest-from berries to wood, in the barn will grow up wild boars, in the yard screaming ducks and geese - also help.

The smoke from the stove will flow softly along the ancient channel of the Ugra, and in the spring, if I live, Yurka will ask me: "how is it in your city?"and instead of my answer, I'll listen to the village news. About quotes chanterelles, about the fact that no one was left alive... About the real life, which in the "city" is not.

Alexey Nazarov